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April 3, 2012 -
(Images from my tumblr blog)

Wouldn't it be amazing to do everything you would like to do, without having to deal with the consequences? If I could, I would grab some stuff together right now, leave this silly country and explore the huge world around me. I would eat too much ice cream, talk to strangers for hours, photograph everything I would run into, push boundaries, learn how to surf, overcome my fear of snakes and write a book about all my adventures. 
I can't wait till all this studying and my final exams are over. I need to escape from this vicious circle! How about you?  
Annie said... Reply

that would definitely be dream like :)you chose lovely pictures to underline that! really sweet

X, Annie

Manon said... Reply

Zou echt geweldig zijn, hihi! :) Leuke foto's trouwens.

my very own lookbook said... Reply

oh i love these pictures!

Mariette said... Reply

Jaaaa dat zou echt super nice zijn!!

Liefs, Mariette

Veronique said... Reply

Helemaal gelijk! Het is veel leuker om wat meer van de wereld te zien en ik wil de gaafste plekken bezoeken om de mooiste foto's te maken! Geweldige collage!

The Sunshine District said... Reply

Everything you want to do it everything I would love to do as well! If only... :) Beautiful pictures... And someday we will do all the things we want!

Theonlyfashionprincess said... Reply

Mooie foto's.. x

saar. ∞ said... Reply

wat ziet het er mooi uit allemaal! oeh, ik krijg het er warm van ^^
loves, saar.

garde said... Reply

perfect post. so relaxing and inspiring....

dressed to please said... Reply

Lovely Honey. Great Blog & Nice Phtos ;))))))
You have a great blog, I am following you. Hope you can visit my blog and if you like it, can follow me too if you want :)
xx Kisses from Germany ;***

samecookiesdifferent said... Reply

these images are so inspiring dear <3

x the cookies

Mary @ Fashionbirds said... Reply

I know what you're talking about... Luckily my exam period just stopped... I keep my fingers crossed for you, so you'll rock whatever you still have to rock! ;)

Love Mary Fashionbirds

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